Reguły domów


Chcielibyśmy przedstawić Wam zasad domowych, że pobyt w naszym domu będzie przyjemne, a dla wszystkich innych dodatkowych informacji proszę skontaktować się z hostem.

  • Zakwaterowanie jest dostępne od godziny 14:00 w dniu przyjazdu do godziny 10:00 w dniu wyjazdu.
  • Guests themselves are responsible for personal property and valuables left in the apartments and the owner is not responsible for the subsequent loss thereof.
  • Guests are responsible for their behaviour in the house and surrounding area, and in the case of accident they shal bear the consequences them selves.
  • Lock the doors to the apartments from the inside and when goingout be sure to lock the doors and windows, close sunshades, swich off the lights and all electrical appliances (air-conditioning, stove, TV, …) and turn off the taps.
  • In exceptional circumstances and in the absence of a guest, the owner of the facility has the right to enter the apartment to prevent the occurrence of possible damage or danger. The owner is obliged to notify the guest about the entry into the apartment at the first subsequent contact.
  • Destruction of equioment and furniture, causing disorder and desturbing other gueste is prohibited, and it is expressly forbiden to make loud noises in the time betwen 14 to 16 ht and from 23 to 7 hr.
  • The contents of the apartments may only be usedby persons who are registered as guests, however the host may, upon the request of a guest, permit possible visits at certain times.
  • Bringing in weapons, explozive and easily flammable material is not permitted.
  • Use of equipment and appliances which are not an integral part of the offerof the apartments may be used only upon the consent of the host.
  • Bringing in of animals is permitted only upon the consent of the host.
  • In the event of the disappearance or damage to installations, furniture, appliances,equipment of the apartments the guest is obliged to notify the host. Insofar as the disappearance or damage occurred due to the fault of the guest, the guest is obliged to compensate the corresponding equivalent value.
  • If is forbidden to remove appliances and equipment (towels,covers, etc.) from the apartments.
  • In the event of disregard of the House rules, the host has the right to refuse further providing of services.
  • Handover your identity card or passport to the host immediately upon arrival for registration at the Tourist office.
  • You may offer your comments, suggestions and compliments to your host who is at your disposal during working hours from 0 to 24 hr.

– We wish you a pleasant stay –